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New Fish Import - Czech Republic

ON SALE - SATURDAY 13th May 2017

Please contact the store for availability and prices before calling in.

New Import of fish, including XL European Bred Rams, Rare and Unusual Angelfish Varieties and many other high quality captive bred species.

Czech Republic


Neon Blue Rams
German Strain Blue Rams
Golden Rams
Neon Blue Acara
Double Red Cockatoo Cichlids (Apistogramma Cacatoides)
Solid Blue Angelfish
Red Cap Koi Angelfish
Red Devil Angelfish

Other Varieties and Species

Cherry Barbs
Harlequin Rasbora
Bristlenose (Ancistrus) Algae Eaters
Golden Bristlenose (Ancistrus) Algae Eaters
Bronze Corydoras
Bubble Nest Catfish
Golden Australe Killiefish
Blue Gourami
Red Boesmanii Rainbowfish
Neon Tetra
Diamond Neon Tetra


New Fish Import - Sri Lanka

Please contact the store for availability and prices before calling in.

New Import of fish, including a large selection of Guppies and Livebearers. Please see list below for available species:

Sri Lanka

Guppies (Male)

Marigold Male Guppy
Green Cobra Male Guppy
Flame Cobra Male Guppy
Pink Tuxedo Male Guppy
Silver Neon Male Guppy
Blue Neon Male Guppy
Golden Dragon Male Guppy
Fire Tail Male Guppy
Giant Endler Male Guppy

Guppies (Female)

Red Tail Female Guppy
Yellow Tail Female Guppy
Blue Tail Female Guppy
Mixed Female Guppy


Red Hi-Fin Swordtail
Pineapple Swordtail
Black Swordtail
Kohaku Swordtail


Red Tuxedo Platy
Neon Platy
Red Wag Platy
Red Comet Platy
Golden Calico Platy
Black Platy


Saffron Molly
Black Molly
Silver Molly
Speckled Molly


Albino Buenos Aries Tetra
Red Eye Tetra
Serpae Tetra
Black Phantom Tetra
Black Neon Tetra


Golden Angelfish
Marble Angelfish
Golden Marble Angelfish
Zebra (Silver) Angelfish
Platinum Angelfish
Black Angelfish
Platinum Marble Angelfish
Silver Tuxedo Angelfish

Other Species

Golden Barb
Albino Gourami
Blue Gourami
Peach Gourami
Female Fighting Fish 'XL'
Giant Danio


Powder Blue Discus
Red Melon Discus
Turquoise Discus
Mixed Discus

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